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Dr. Matyal got promoted to full Harvard professor!

Dr. Matyal got promoted to full Harvard professor on january 4th 2023. We congratualte her with this great achievement. 

Drs. Khamooshian transfers to Erasmus MC

After finishing his residency in cardio-thoracic surgery, drs. Khamooshian will start as an attending in the Eramsus Medical Center in Rotterdam. Our collaboration will continue and is hereby extended with ther Erasmus Medical Center! 

Our Aortic Root paper is online!

In this study, the authors attempted to establish the clinical feasibility of performing dynamic analyses of the AV with commercially available software. Offline analyses were performed with Siemens eSie valve analytical software (Siemens Medical Systems Mountainview, CA). 

Click on the image to download a copy of the paper.

We celebrate the launch of our brand new website!

The VRG team is proud to present our brand new website containing our latest research updates. Since the beginning of our collaboration we aimed towards transparency online to be able to provide a high quality research environment. Please contact us for all your questions! 

Best, the VRG team

The TomTec update is accepted!

We are the proud owners of the latest version of the TomTec software with 5 analysis modules. This software allows us to do state of the art measurements on 3D Echocardiographs. We hope to have it up and running very soon. 

Promotion dr. Feroze Mahmood to full Harvard professor

Dr. Mahmood promoted to the rank of Full Professor at the Harvard Medical School as of July 1st. 2017. We congratulate him with this outstanding achievement. 

Succesfull Harvard research fellowship drs. Arash Khamooshian

After 6 months of research, education and training, drs. Arash Khamooshian succesfully finished his Harvard research fellowship. We congratulate him for this great achievement and thank prof. Feroze Mahmood and dr. Robina Matyal for their mentorship. 

Prof. Mariani provides lecture on Harvard

Prof. Mariani provides an invited lecture on hybrid atrial fibrillation ablation at BIDMC Harvard Medical School. We congratulate him with this achievement. 

PhD Dr. Wobbe Bouma

We congratulate dr. Bouma with his outstanding achievement. Dr. Bouma defended his PhD thesis called "New insights into the surgical treatment of mitral regurgitation" on May 25th 2016. This work has formed the basis of the current VRGG collaboration. The ceremony was a great succes with presence of prominent surgeons as dr. Alfieri. 

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